Go Go Shine Dynamo
ˇ@ˇ@Our ˇuGo Go Shine Dynamoˇv has won the Gold Medal of ˇu2008 Taiwan Originality Safety Product Design Awardˇv. It generates electricity from the turning wheel that is enough to turn on the light without using the batteries. The new structure is to wind the wire around the plastic frame and interact with the magnet to generate the electricity. The benefits of our product design results in small size, no pulling force, low resistance, and high power generation efficiency (capable to light up 1W to 3W LED).

ˇ@ˇ@ Unlike the traditional dynamo, the old design is to wind the wire around the silicon steel frame. When the generator produces the electricity, the interaction of the magnet and the frame also creates magnetism with very high resistance. Although it can generate higher power by increasing the wire circles, but the big size and high resistance also make the bicycle become more difficult to ride.

ˇ@ˇ@ Now you can use clean electricity from our ˇuGo Go Shine Dynamoˇv to replace the batteries. If each cyclist needs 36 batteries per year, then one million cyclists can save around US$ 24 million every year. We can also protect our natural environment against the pollution and contamination from the used batteries. From now on, you donˇ¦t have to switch off the lights during the day to save the battery power for the night. Instead, you can always turn on the lights when you ride the bicycle with our ˇuGo Go Shine Dynamoˇv. Safety first, letˇ¦s protect ourselves and also protect the others.